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Mozart Flute Quartets - Lisa Friend & the Brodsky Quartet CD (Chandos Records) Review

"There’s plenty of fun to be had with this charming, undemanding music, as Lisa Friend and her Brodsky colleagues demonstrate." - Gramophone Magazine  - Feb 2017

American Record Guide Review Sept 14' - Luminance CD - Lisa Friend, Anna Stokes & Mark Kinkaid

“ I’ve previously praised these flutists in separate releases; now here they are together. Make that mostly together: each plays on her own sometimes, but the primary reason to want this release is to hear their arrangements of several pieces for two flutes and piano. They vividly characterize the Odelette by Saint- Saens, one of my favorite flute pieces.

Some listeners may appreciate the crystalline quality of the sound in this predominantly early 20th Century French music, but I found it brittle. The flute playing itself is luscious, and it is the shimmery quality of the flute sound that is most captured here. Balances are good.”  © 2014 American Record Guide (Sept 2014)

Female First Magazine Article 2012 - LBC Jenni Barnett Interview

Jeni staring at men Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 21 January 2010

I wandered down to Piccadilly to St. James Church, for a concert for the 'Breast Cancer Charity'.

Lisa Friend played her flute like an angel, her father Rodney Friend wrung out every last drop of sentiment from his violin, pianist Mark Kinkaid was ably assissted by his page turner who clearly had a very bad molar as she was pulling at her top tooth and grimacing all the way through the Morricone. Didn't detract though. The cellist Martin Radford, is the partner of Shakeel my dress maker. Most of the music made me cry. The acoustics were beautiful and Miranda keys opened her lungs at the end so we all ended up in the roof with the angelic throng.

Lisa is jewish, most of the audience were Jewish, I sat with my muslim dressmaker, and we all wept in a Christian Church.

Talk about music crossing barriers. Had I known it was going to be so moving I would have sold boxes of tissues at the door and given the proceeds to the charity.


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